Kaffee: Colonel, when you learned of Santiago's letter to the NIS, you had a meeting with your senior officers, is that right?
Jessep: Yes.
Kaffee: The Platoon Commander Lt. Jonathan Kendrick, and the executive officer, Lt. Colonel Matthew Markinson
Jessep: Yes.
Kaffee: And, at present, Colonel Markinson is dead, is that right?
Ross: Object! I would like to know exactly what the defense council is implying.
Kaffee: I'm implying simply that, at present, Colonel Markinson is not alive.
Ross: Surely, Colonel Jessep doesn't need to appear in court to confirm that information.
Kaffee: I just wasn't sure if the witness was aware that 2 nights ago Colonel Markinson took his own life with a .45-caliber pistol.
Judge: The witness is aware, the court is aware, and now the court members are aware. We thank you for bringing this to our attention. Move on, Lieutenant.
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