Ross: I have here the Marine Corps Outline for Recruit Training. I'd like you to turn to the chapter on "code reds".
Barnes: Well, you see, sir, "code red" is a term we use, just down in Gitmo--
Ross: Oh, then, we're in luck. Marching Orders/Standard Operating Procedure, Rifle Security Company, Guatanamo Bay, Cuba. I'm sure we'll find it in there.
Barnes: You won't find it in there, either, sir.
Ross: Cpl. Barnes, I'm a Marine. You mean to tell me there's no manual, no set of instructions that tells me, as a Marine, one of my duties is to perform "code reds?"
Barnes: No, sir. No book, sir.
Ross: No further questions.
[As Ross returns to his seat, Kaffee gets up and snatches the Rifle Company SOP out of his hand]
Kaffee: Cpl. Barnes, turn to the page in this book that tells me how to get to the mess hall.
Barnes: Lt. Kaffee, that's not in the book, sir.
Kaffee: You mean the whole time you've been at Gitmo, you've never had a meal?
Barnes: No, sir. Three squares a day, sir.
Kaffee: Then how did you find the mess hall if it wasn't in this book?
Barnes: Well, sir, like everybody else, I just followed the crowd at chow time, sir.
Kaffee: No further questions.
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