Kaffee: Is your father proud of you?
Sam: Don't do this to yourself.
Kaffee: I'll bet he is, I bet he bores the shit out of neighbors and relatives, Sam's made law review, got a real big case he's making. Arguing, he's making an argument. I think my father would've liked to see me graduate from law school, I think he would've enjoyed that an awful lot.
Sam: Did I ever tell you I wrote a paper about your dad in college?
Kaffee: Yeah.
Sam: One of the best trial lawyers ever.
Kaffee: Yes, he was.
Sam: And if I were Dawson and Downey and I were given a choice between you or your father to represent me in this case, I'd pick you every day of the week and twice on Sunday. You should've seen yourself thunder away at Kendrick.
Kaffee: Would you put Jessep on the stand?
Sam: No.
Kaffee: You think my father would've?
Sam: With the evidence we got, not in a million years. But here's the thing, and there's really no way of getting around this. Neither Lionel Kaffee nor Sam Weinberg is lead defense in the matter of the U.S. vs. Dawson and Downey, so there's really only one question. What would you do?
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