Kaffee: Maybe if we work at it we can get Dawson charged with the Kennedy assassination.
Galloway: Are you drunk?
Kaffee: Pretty much...yeeaahh.
Galloway: I'll put on a pot of coffee. We've got a long night's work ahead.
Kaffee: She's gonna make coffee... that's nice.
Kaffee: Downey wasn't in his room, wasn't even there. That was an important piece of infromation, don't you think?
Galloway: Danny, it was a set back, and I'm sorry, but we fix it and move on to Markinson.
Kaffee: Markinson's dead. You really gotta hand it to those Federal Marshals... boy, it's not like he hanged himself by his shoelaces or slashed his wrists with a concealed butter knife. This guy got into full dress uniform, stood in the middle of that room, drew a nickel-plated pistol from his holster, and fired a bullet into his mouth. Anyway, since we seem to be out of witnesses, I thought I'd drink a little.
Galloway: I still think we can win.
Kaffee: Then maybe you should drink a little.
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