Kaffee: Why did Markinson go U.A.?
Ross: We'll never know.
Kaffee: You don't think I can subpoena Markinson?
Ross: You can try, but you won't find him. You know what Markinson did the first seventeen of his twenty-six years in the Corps? Counterintelligence. Markinson's gone. There is no Markinson.
Ross: Look, Danny, Jessep's star is on the rise. Division will give me a lot of room on this one to spare Jessep and the Corps any embarrassment.
Kaffee: How much room?
Ross: I'll knock it down to Involuntary Manslaughter--two years. They're home in six months.
Joanne Galloway: No deal. We're going to court.
Ross: No, you're not.
Galloway: Why not?
Ross: Because Danny knows that even though he's got me by the balls out here, in a courtroom, he loses this case.
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