Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride quotes

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George Banks

I was beginning to feel like I was having an out of body experience. I had to get out of the house, and fast. Nina said as long as I was escaping would I mind escaping to the market and picking up something for dinner. Sure. That was all I needed. A busy supermarket. I needed to drive, mellow out, get my mind off the wedding. But mellowing out was not in the cards.

John: How did you...uh...take the news, George?
George: Me? Uh, truthfully, I was a little surprised.
John: I was shocked.
George: So was I.
John: After all, they'd only known each other a few months.
George: Exactly. And Annie is just finishing up school.
John: Absolutely. Oh, believe me, I tossed and turned over this one, but...the bottom line is, they're in love. They over twenty-one, and whether they're rushing into this or not is maybe not for us to say.
George: [voiceover] Right. Not for us to say. We're only their parents. I was just about to say these very words out loud when he hit me with...
John: Yes, sooner or later you just have to let your kids go and hope you brought 'em up right.
George: [voiceover] This guy was making a little too much sense for me. Suddenly, my shirt collar felt like it was starting to strangle me.

It's funny how empty a house can suddenly get, isn't it?

John: Oh, what a nerve-wracking thing, meeting your future in-laws. What a relief. You two look perfectly normal.
Nina: Oh, well, I am.