Franck: Now, Mr. Banks, please, about the seafood. Hanck wants to know if it's okay or not to cook.
George: No Franck. Tell Hanck it's not okay. If I have to move out all the furniture and add amps and repaint the walls and get a new tux and pay for swans, then I'd like the cheaper chicken. Is that clear?
Franck: I understood the "cheaper" part. [Franck talks to Hank] Well, that's it. Hank says he will think about this. Now, we do not want to lose him. He is a genius and we need his mind, okay? So, I'll see what I can do. Hank? Hank?
Howard: I see you're starting to lose it, but I have one more question, very simple, about the parking attendants. Four is comfortable, three is acceptable, anything less absolutely terrifies me.
George: Two.
Howard: Two.
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