Franck: [looking at a book of wedding cakes] So this is a very popular cake with many of the fashionable weddings, you know? And this...I just don't do anymore. And this is fabulous.
Nina: Oh. Oh, that is incredible! Annie, that's just like the one we saw in the magazine.
Annie: Do you like it Dad?
George: Well, what is that? Is that dollars? $1,200?
Franck: Well, Mr. Banks. This is a very reasonable price for a cake of this magnitude.
George: A cake, Franck, is made of flour and water. My first car didn't cost $1,200.
Franck: Well, welcome to the nineties, Mr. Banks!
George: [voiceover] Not only did I not understand a syllable this guy was saying, now I had the feeling he was putting me down.
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