George: I don't know why we have to have brunch with total strangers.
Nina: Because their son is marrying our daughter and it's not an unusual custom meeting the in-laws.
George: You know, that's another thing. I hate that expression, "in-laws." What does it mean, anyway? We're legally bound to these people? I don't want to be "in-lawed." Especially to people who live in Bel-Air. I mean, what kind of people have brunch and live in Bel-Air?
Nina: Rich people.
George: They probably live in the one shack in the middle of all these mansions.
Nina: Nice mood, George.
George: What? I'm in a good mood.
Nina: Okay, I think this is it. Yeah...Nice shack, babe.
George: Worse. It's the biggest house on the street. Now we're related to pretentious snobs. Just what we need.
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