Falling Down

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Bill Foster

Bill Foster: Doctor? What kind of doctor lives here?
Man: Plastic surgeon.
Bill Foster: Plastic surgery bought this?!

I am not a vigilante. I am just an ordinary man trying to get home to my daughter's birthday. Now if everyone will just stay out of my way, then nobody will get hurt.

[picking up the pathetic hamburger he just ordered, comparing it to the picture behind the counter] Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this picture?

You know what was in this? Zyklon-B! What the Nazis had! Listen! [shakes can, a slight rattle is heard] Empty! This was used, man! This was actually used! I wonder how many kikes this little can took out!

[picks up snowglobe] What is this doing in here? **** shit! [throws snowglobe]

[Foster has just attacked the gang members on the hill] Clear a path, you mother ****er! Clear a path! I'm going home!

[Bill Foster approaches the gang after they crashed] You missed. [Foster picks up the UZI and shoots the car] I missed too. [Foster threatens the gang member as he begs for his life. Foster shoots him in the ankle] You see, that's the concept. Take some shooting lessons, asshole.

[after a gay man tips over a sunglass rack on Nick's counter] ****ing ****s! Alternate lifestyle my ass! Imagine what those pumpkins do with each other when they're alone! And what about the muff divers? Think about it!

[to customer at Whammyburger] You enjoying your meal? [customer chokes food onto tray] Hey, I think we have a critic! I don't think she likes the special sauce.

**** you, Captain Yardley. **** you very much.

God bless the working stiff!

You have a choice. I can kill you, or you can kill me, and my daughter can collect the insurance.

What about the briefcase? You forgot the briefcase!

Why have you put barbed wire on a fence? Is this how you rich people amuse yourselves? You put barbed wire on the fence so innocent people like me can hurt themselves lurking in?

Prendergast: Get a positive ID on the gym bag.
Captain Yardley: Prendergast, what do you think this is?
[holds up his own gym bag]
Prendergast: A gym bag.
Captain Yardley: Does this mean you're putting me under arrest?