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Bill Foster

Who the **** do you think you are, you ****! You **** ****!

**** you, Captain Yardley. **** you very much.

Bill Foster: Doctor? What kind of doctor lives here?
Man: Plastic surgeon.
Bill Foster: Plastic surgery bought this?!

Bill Foster: I helped build missiles. I helped protect this country. You should be rewarded for that. But instead they give it to the plastic surgeons. Bastards lied to me.
Sergeant Prendergast: Is that what this is about? Is that why my chicken dinner is drying out in the oven? You're mad because they lied to you? They lie to everyone! They lie to the fish, but that doesn't give you the right to do what you did today.

Prendergast: Let's meet a couple of police officers. They're all good guys.
Bill Foster: I'm the bad guy?
Prendergast: Yeah.
Bill Foster: How did that happen?

Nick: We're the same, you and me. We're the same.
Bill Foster: We are not the same. I'm an American, you're a sick asshole.
Nick: Just what kind of vigilante are you?
Bill Foster: I am NOT a vigilante. I am just trying to get home to my little girl's birthday party, and if you all just stay out of my way, nobody will get hurt.

Mr. Lee: Take the money!
Bill Foster: You think I'm a thief? I'm not the thief. I'm not the one charging 85 cents for a stinking soda, YOU'RE THE THEIF! I'm just standing up for my rights... as a consumer.

1st Gang Member: What you doing, Mister?
Bill Foster: Nothing.
1st Gang Member: Nah, man. You're trespassing on private property.
Bill Foster: Trespassing?
2nd Gang Member: You're loitering too, man.
1st Gang Member: Yeah, you're loitering too.
Bill Foster: I didn't see any signs.
1st Gang Member: [pointing at mexican graffiti] Whatcha call that?
Bill Foster: Graffiti?
1st Gang Member: No, that's not ****ing graffiti. That's a sign.
2nd Gang Member: He can't read it, man.
1st Gang Member: Then I guess I'm gonna have to read it for you. It says this is ****ing private property! No ****ing trespassing! That means ****ing you.
Bill Foster: It says all that?
1st Gang Member: Yeah.
Bill Foster: Well maybe if you wrote it in ****ing English I could ****ing understand it.

[at Whammyburger]
Sheila: Hi, can I help you?
Bill Foster: Yes, I'd like a ham and cheese whamlet and some whammy fries--
Sheila: I'm sorry, we've stopped serving breakfast but we are on the lunch menu now.
Bill Foster: But I want breakfast.
Sheila: You can't have it, we're not serving it.
Bill Foster: So you said. Is that the manager?
Sheila: (sighs) Yeah.
Bill Foster: Could I speak to him please?
Sheila: Sure. Rick, there's a customer who would like to speak with you.
[a young man with a happy smile walks up to the counter]
Rick: Yes, sir?
Bill Foster: I'd like some breakfast?
Rick: We stopped serving breakfast.
Bill Foster: I know you stopped serving breakfast Rick, Sheila told me that you... why am I calling you by your first names? I don't even know you. I still call my boss 'Mister' even though I've been working with him for seven years, but all of a sudden I walk in here and I'm calling you Rick and Sheila like we're in some kind of AA meeting and... I don't want to be your buddy, Rick. I just want a little breakfast?
Sheila: You can call me Miss Folsom if you want.
Rick: Sheila. We stopped serving breakfast at 11:30.
[Foster looks at his watch to find it's 3 minutes past the deadline. He becomes angry]
Bill Foster: Rick, have you ever heard the expression "the customer is always right"?
Rick: (sighs) Yeah.
Bill Foster: Well, here I am. The customer.
Rick: (still smiling) That's not our policy. You have to order something from the lunch menu.
Bill Foster: I don't want lunch. I want breakfast.
Rick: Yeah, well hey, I'm really sorry.
Bill Foster: (smiles back) Yeah, I'm real sorry too. (pulls out an Uzi)

Bill Foster: You're Korean? Do you have any idea how much money my country has given your country?
Mr. Lee: How much?
Bill Foster: I don't know, but it's gotta be a lot.

Bum: That's a hell of a way to treat a vet, man.
Bill Foster: You're an animal doctor?
Bum: No, a VETERAN. I was in Nam.
Bill Foster: What were you, a drummer boy? You must have been 10 years old.
Bum: I meant the Gulf. I meant to say the Gulf. Jesus! Come on, all I'm asking for is a little change. I haven't eaten in three days.
[is eating a sandwich]
Bum: Well, except for this.

Bill Foster: What are you doing to the street?
Construction Worker: We're fixing it! What the hell does it look like?
Bill Foster: Two days ago it was fine. You're telling me the street fell apart in two days?
Construction Worker: (sarcastcally) Well I guess so.
Bill Foster: Pardon me, but that's bullshit. You see, I don't think anything's wrong with the street. I think you're just trying to justify your inflated budgets! I know that if you don't spend the projected amount this year, you don't get the same amount next year! Now I want you to admit that THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THE STREET!
Construction Worker: **** you, pal.
Bill Foster: You're not gonna hold us hostage here with all your yellow lights and big trucks.
Construction Worker: (notices the gun on Foster's belt) Look, I'm just here to stop people from falling in, that's all.
Bill Foster: I want to hear it from you. Come on, what's wrong with the street?
Construction Worker: I really don't know, I think it might be a sewer job.
Bill foster: You're lying. What's wrong with the street?
Construction Worker: Nothing.
Bill Foster: I KNEW it.

Nick: Why don't they call you officer-esses?
Sandra: I beg your pardon?
Nick: You know, like actress. Something to signify... you know.
Sandra: I guess they think of a police officer as a police officer, not a... you know.
Nick: Okay then. Sorry I couldn't have been helpful, officer--ESS!

Nick: **** you! Who the **** are you?
Bill Foster: I am just disagreeing with you! In America, we have the freedom of SPEECH! The right to DISAGREE!
Nick: **** you and your freedom! Who the **** are you, you ****! You **** ****! You were gonna take my rocket! I oughta shoot you right now, you dippy mother ****er!

Prendergast: What did this guy look like?
Angie: I don't know, he looked like you except he was taller and had hair.
Detective Jones:: Good description, Angie.