Nick: You want freedom? I'll give you ****ing freedom!
[takes out some handcuffs]
Nick: You're going to jail, ****er. How's that for freedom? Freedom to get ****ed up the ass by some big buck ****. Give me your other hand! He's gonna be right behind ya, just like this. You're gonna like that, **** ****! Give me your other hand!
Bill Foster: I can't.
Nick: Why not?
Bill Foster: Gravity.
Nick: Gravity? What the **** does that mean?!
Bill Foster: I'll fall down.
[Nick kicks Bill, making him fall down]
Nick: Give me your other hand! Give it to me! Give it to me! GIVE IT TOO ME!
[Bill turns around and stabs Nick in his shoulder]
Nick: This isn't one of mine.
Bill Foster: Freedom of religion. Now you get it. Feels good to exercise your rights, doesn't it? (opens fire on Nick, shooting him through a mirror)
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