Golfer: Four!
[hits a golf ball at Foster]
Bill Foster: [takes out shotgun] Five! What the hell are you trying to do, kill me with a golf ball?! It's not enough you have all these beautiful acres fenced in for your little game, but you gotta kill me with a golf ball?! You should have children playing here, you should have families having picnics, you should have a goddamn petting zoo! But instead you've got these stupid electric carts for you old men with nothing better to do! Well fu--
[shoots a golf cart]
Bill Foster: --ck that. Now, aren't you ashamed?
[the golfer's starts to have a heart attack]
Bill Foster: What's wrong?
Golfer: My... heart...
Bill Foster: What can I do about it?
Golfer: Pills... get my... pills...
Bill Foster: Where are your pills?
[he points towards the cart, which has just plunged into a pond]
Bill Foster: I guess you're out of luck. Your little cart's gonna drown. Now aren't you sorry for not letting me pass through your golf course?
Golfer: My... golf course...
Bill Foster: Yeah, and you're gonna die wearing that stupid little hat. How does it feel?
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