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Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent
Crown Prince Henry II
Danielle de Barbarac
Main cast

[to Henry] No, the part where you said my name!

[to Henry] She's an imposter, sire! Her name is Danielle de Barbarac, and she's been a servant in my home for the past ten years.

[to Henry] Why do you have to be so wonderful?

[to Le Pieu] My father was an expert swordsman, monsieur. He taught me well. Now hand me that key or I swear on his grave I will slit you from navel to nose.

[to Rodmilla] I would rather die a thousand deaths than to see my mother's dress on that spoiled, selfish cow!

Actor Role Drew Barrymore Danielle de Barbarac Dougray Scott Crown Prince Henry II Angelica Houston Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent Megan Dodds Marguerite de Ghent Melanie Lynskey Jacqueline de Ghent Patrick Godfrey Leonardo da Vinci Lee Ingleby Gustave Richard O'Brien Monsieur Pierre Le Pieu Timothy West King Francis Judy Parfitt Queen Marie Jeroen Krabbe Auguste de Barbarac

I kneel before you not as a prince, but as a man in love... But I would feel like a king if you, Danielle de Barbarac, would be my wife.

Some people read because they cannot think for themselves.

Tell no one we have spoken, for all shall reveal itself in due course.