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Count Laszlo de Almásy
David Caravaggio
Geoffrey Clifton
Katharine Clifton
Kirpal Singh (Kip)

Katharine: Shall we be all right?
Almásy: Yes. Yes. —Absolutely.
Katharine: Oh dear.

Caravaggio: You're in love with him, aren't you? Your poor patient. You think he's a saint because of the way he looks?
Hana: I don't think he is. I'm not so in love with him. I'm in love with ghosts. And so is he. He's in love with ghosts.
Caravaggio: I'm one of his ghosts and he wouldn't even know.

Hana: I'll probably marry him.
Almásy: Really? That's sudden.
Hana: My mother always told me I would summon my husband by playing the piano.

Every night I cut out my heart. But in the morning it was full again. [to Katharine]

I once traveled with a guide who was taking me to Faya. He didn't speak for nine hours. At the end of it he pointed to the horizon and said, Faya! That was a good day. [to Katharine]

I must be a curse. Anybody who loves me, anybody who gets close to me. . . —or I must be cursed. Which is it?

In that case I suppose we can't charge. [to Hana]

Katharine: Why did you hate me?
Almásy: What?
Katharine: Don't you know you drove everybody mad?
Almásy: Shh, don't talk.
Katharine: You speak so many bloody languages and you never wanted to talk.
Almásy: You're wearing the thimble.
Katharine: Of course, you idiot. I always wear it; I've always worn it... I've always loved you.

Condensed milk - one of the truly great inventions. [to Hana]

And that would be unconscionable, I suppose, to feel any obligation? Yes. Of course it would. [to Almásy]

It's still there, the cannon, outside the museum. It was made of metal cups and bowls taken from every household in the city as tax, then melted down. Then later they fired the cannon at my people - comma - The natives - full stop. [reading from w:Herodotus to Almásy]

I can still taste you. I try to write with your taste in my mouth. [to Katharine]

My God… they're swimming. Swimming. [to himself in Cave of Swimmers]

Swoon, I'll catch you. [to Katharine]

Man in desert party: (verify) How do you explain… to someone who's never been here… feelings that seem quite wrong.
British officer: (verify) How do you know you're not German if you don't remember anything?