Joann Carlino: Frank, I know you're gonna think I'm crazy. But I have to tell you something. Last night, there was a car sitting in my driveway: a '57 Chevy, just like Eddie's.
Frank Ridgeway: Joann, that car was destroyed in the accident, remember?
Joann Carlino: I know, but whoever it was, must have seen me looking out the window. He blinked his headlights high, then low, then high again, just like Eddie.
Frank Ridgeway: It can't be. It can't be him.
Joann Carlino: Well, who then? Who?
Frank Ridgeway: It's not Eddie. Now, whoever it is that's watching you is looking to cash in on those tapes. But it is not Eddie.
Joann Carlino: Frank, I know where those tapes are. After the accident, I had to say goodbye in my own way. I went to Satin Records, got the tapes, and drove back to Palace Depression.
Frank Ridgeway: Take me there.
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