Maggie Foley: Frank, how much influence did Rimbaud have on Eddie?
Frank Ridgeway: Looking for a ghost?
Maggie Foley: [smiles knowingly] Maybe.
Frank Ridgeway: You don't really think Eddie's still alive, do you?
Maggie Foley: I guess not. But what about the coincindence of "Season in Hell"? Frank what happened to those tapes?
Frank Ridgeway: Hey, look, it didn't work. The record company hated it, they never released the album.
Maggie Foley: Frank, I want to get a hold of those tapes and play them on my show. Let's let them be heard, and let the people decide whether their any good.
Frank Ridgeway: I don't know where they are. Honest, we'd like to find them as much as you would.
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