Sal Amato: [about Maggie] You know what she really wanted to talk about? Those old tapes: "Season in Hell". She said something about them being missing, and wanted to know if I knew where they were.
Frank Ridgeway: What did you tell her?
Sal Amato: I told her I don't have a clue. For all I care, they cook on down with Eddie. You understand?
Frank Ridgeway: Sally, you were on those tapes too.
Sal Amato: If they find those tapes, what's in it for me, huh? I just about broke my fingers trying to play that stuff.
Frank Ridgeway: Well, if it must be worth money, somebody's wanting to pay for them.
Sal Amato: But we ain't gonna see a dime from that. They'll find a way to screw us, they always do. Guys like you and me, they strike oil under your garden and all you get is dead tomatoes.
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