Eddie and the Cruisers

Eddie and the Cruisers quotes

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Eddie Wilson
Main cast

Ellen Barkin - Maggie Foley

Helen Schneider - Joann Carlino

Joe Pantoliano - Doc Robbins

John Stockwell - Keith Livingston

Matthew Laurance - Sal Amato

Michael "Tunes" Antunes - Wendell Newton

Michael Pare - Eddie Wilson

Tom Berenger - Frank Ridgeway

You actually believe that you could build a castle out of a bunch of junk. What a crock. [looks at the mirror] Holy shit. What a phony. [smashes the mirror] Here we are, guys. Right where we belong. You got your Edsels,... Norges,... Dumonts... and Eddie Wilson. Together at last, creating our own incredible monument to nothing! [shouts and claps his hands] Here's to nothing, fellas! Here's to nothing!