Mrs. Connelly: [Regains consciousness and notices Nancy's hands on her chest] What are ya doin'?!
Nancy Kendricks: You were choking on a chocolate.
[Connelly looks at Alex, who has lipstick on his lips from when he was reviving her]
Alex Rose: You choked on a chocolate.
Mrs. Connelly: Awww!
[Cut to the police station]
Officer Dan: Go on, Mrs. Connelly.
Mrs. Connelly: The last thing I remember, I ate one of their chocolates. When I woke up, he was havin' his way, and she was holdin' me down!
Alex Rose: No, no, I was trying to save her life!
Mrs. Connelly: He stole my drawers once. For sniffin'!
Alex Rose: That's ridiculous! She was choking on a chocolate so I gave--
Officer Dan: DO... shut up.
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