Mrs. Connelly: I always thought it was strange, your husband staying home while you were out there, providin'.
Nancy Kendricks: Well, he's a writer.
Mrs. Connelly: [laughs] Writer? The man naps more than a newborn pup. What's he writing about, sheep?
Nancy Kendricks: Is there something, Mrs. Connelly?
Mrs. Connelly: Oh, I guess ya could say there was something! I've got 'something' on display in my kitchen.
[Cut to a scene in Connelly's kitchen]
Nancy Kendricks: That is not a mouse dropping, it's a raisin.
Mrs. Connelly: That is the leavings of a mouse.
Nancy Kendricks: It's a raisin!
[Nancy puts the raisin in her mouth. Her expression turns to disgust as she hacks up the raisin]
Mrs. Connelly: I spayed it with Lysol.
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