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Duplex quotes

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Alex Rose
Mrs. Connelly
Nancy Kendricks

A bit of music and a bit of a dance!

Are those musical instruments?

Besides, how can I have time to rewrite my novel and still do my faithful servant duty to her as her little indentured servant person. Her little butt boy. I mean, I got a lot of duties, honey. She might need me to go out and count grapes with her, or help her fix her heater, or go take her to the laundry, or I got to go help her clean her banana skins, or I got to go clean out her garbage, and I got to go help her fill her monthlies out, or go and wipe her ass! God forbid she have any shit hanging off her ass! Because then I have to run up there double time like a little bunny, and I have to go up there with my little tissue and I have to go wipe her little ass and then I have to say "Oh, good for you, Mrs. Connelly. Good for you for having such a nice little poopie. What's that? You've got some poopie on your diapey? Well let me clean it off -- with my tongue!"

Blow me down!

Come along dear, don't be shy! It's French Onion.

Could you give me a hand with the garbage? We don't wannna be feedin' the mice.

Hello, Mr. Peabody!

I could have sworn we had more stuff.

I'm coming. Slowly but surely!

It's a pea****!

It's horrible. My parents read this magazine. Now they know my penis is called Mr. Peabody!

It's loose as a Dublin whore!

It's pissin' down out there!

Nice seein' ya again, Kenneth.

Off we go, Dicky Boy.