Firefly: Where's my Stradivarius?
Officer: Here, sir.
Firefly: I'll show 'em they can't fiddle around with old Firefly!
[he pulls a tommygun out of his violin case and opens fire]
Firefly: Look at them run. Now they know they've been in a war.
Bob Roland: Your Excellency!
Firefly: [making the sound of rat-a-tat-tat] They're fleeing like rats.
Bob Roland: But sir, I've got to tell you.
Firefly: Remind me to give myself the Firefly Medal for this.
Bob Roland: Your Excellency, you're shooting your own men!
Firefly: What?
Bob Roland: You're shooting your own men!
Firefly: Here's $5, keep it under your hat.
[holds out his hat to take the $5 back]
Firefly: Never mind, I'll keep it under my hat.
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