Drowning Mona

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Jeff Dearly
Rona Mace

Bobby Kalzone: Mona Dearly's dead.
Ellen Rash: What?
Bobby Kalzone: She's dead- It was just a- car accident.
Ellen Rash: You gotta be kiddin' me. Well- We gotta celebrate!
Bobby Kalzone: Jesus, God, Ellie she's a human being. Have a little respect.
Ellen Rash: I don't gotta have respect for no one in that family. Think how they treated you.
Bobby Kalzone: How did they treat me?
Ellen Rash: Badly, they're a houseful of freaks.

Jeff Dearly: Where's my car?
Deputy Jimmy D.: Well Jeff, it's a little bit more serious than you're car.
Jeff Dearly: Would someone mind tellin me what the hell's goin on?
Deputy Tony Carlucci: Your mother drove her car into the lake Jeff, I'm afraid she's dead.
Jeff Dearly: What was she doing in my car?

Ellen Rash: Bobby! Sheesh I can't believe you killed somebody!
[she walks off]
Bobby Kalzone: Where ya goin?
Ellen Rash: Home!
Bobby Kalzone: [quietly] We need milk.