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Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous quotes

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Amber Atkins
Becky Ann Leeman
Gladys Leeman

I chose Mount Rushmore, 'cause to live in a country where you can take an ugly old mountain and put faces on it, faces of great Americans who did so much to make our country super great, well that makes me, Rebecca Leeman, proud to be an American.

Gladys: You-betcha, Rebecca's ready. She's been singin' and dancin' since she was knee high to a pig's eye.
Lester: Yah-she's damn near as good as that little black fella - with the glass eye.
Gladys: Sammy Davis, Jr., honey.
Lester: Yeah, yeah, the Jew.
Becky: Nice one, Dad. He's dead.

Hank: I want a big bag of little donuts.

Candy Striper: Hey, lil' Miss Sad-pants and her friend Serious Sally, how about some nice cool mints to turn those frowns upside-down.
Loretta: D'ya think a nice cool mint'd help if I shoved your head up your ass?

Amber: Nice, Becky, she's anorexic.
Becky: She's skinny Amber, not deaf!

Amber: Mom! Mom! Mom!
Firefighter: You family?
Loretta: Oh no, she's just screaming "Mom, Mom" 'cause she's got Tourettes. She's Annette's kid, dipshit.

Gladys: Wait, wait, wait. I think I just thought of a theme... "Proud to be an American".
Interviewer: So what was the theme of the pageant last year?
Gladys: Oh, that was "Buy American".
Interviewer: And the year before that was?
Gladys: "USA's A-OK"
Interviewer: And can you remember the theme of your favourite pageant?
Gladys: Can I? "Amer-I-Can!" People ask me where I get this, I don't know, maybe it's a gift from God, or something.

Hello Father Donnagan, sidewalks? sidewalks? Iris, stop it, it's not his fault. The communal wine just proves too tempting for some of them.

John Dough: Well, you know, we'll, uh, compare scores and figure out a winner. 'Cause, I mean, we don't know who the winner is yet. I have no idea who Jean picked... or Harold... no idea.
Hank: I know who the winner is, I know who the winner is... Harold, I know who the winner is.
John: God damn, that's it. Shut your Goddamn mouth.

(The thresher she's on blows up)
Annette: I shoved your tap shoes in my panties before I was blown out of the house, you go find the guy who cut them off, he'll give 'em to you so you can practice for the pageant.

Tammy: Maybe other people think I can't win a beauty pageant, but other people didn't think I could beat out Becky Leeman for President of the gun club either, and I did. It's just like Anthony Robins says, "I'm a winner, nobody can stop me, but me".

Lesley: They'll never let you perform naked, I asked.

Becky: I'm so excited. I mean, I won. I'm a winner. And I'm going to State.
Gladys: She's a winner. And we're going to State!

Amber: This is bullshit.
Iris: Amber Atkins, that is not American Teen Princess language.
Amber: Good. Because this isn't an American Teen Princess pageant. This is.. this is.. this is.. Nazi Germany! (storms off)
Iris: Where do they get this stuff?

Terry Macey: And you are?
Amber: Mount Rose American Teen Princess.
Terry: Funny, you don't look dead.