Drop Dead Gorgeous

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Amber Atkins
Becky Ann Leeman
Gladys Leeman

Amber: This is bullshit.
Iris: Amber Atkins, that is not American Teen Princess language.
Amber: Good. Because this isn't an American Teen Princess pageant. This is.. this is.. this is.. Nazi Germany! (storms off)
Iris: Where do they get this stuff?

John Dough: Well, you know, we'll, uh, compare scores and figure out a winner. 'Cause, I mean, we don't know who the winner is yet. I have no idea who Jean picked... or Harold... no idea.
Hank: I know who the winner is, I know who the winner is... Harold, I know who the winner is.
John: God damn, that's it. Shut your Goddamn mouth.

Becky: I'm so excited. I mean, I won. I'm a winner. And I'm going to State.
Gladys: She's a winner. And we're going to State!

Terry Macey: And you are?
Amber: Mount Rose American Teen Princess.
Terry: Funny, you don't look dead.