Driving Miss Daisy

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Boolie Werthan
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[after Florene storms out when Katie Bell makes a mistake] Don't worry, Katie Bell, it's not quite the end of the world.

[on a pay phone calling Boolie after taking Daisy to the Piggy Wiggly] Hello, Mr. Werthan? Yeah, it's me. Guess, where I am? I jus' finished drivin' yo mama to to da store. [laughs] Oh, yeah, she flap around some, but she's all right, she in da store. Oh, Lord, she jus' looked out da window an' seen me on da phone... prob'ly gonna throw a fit right there at da chechout! You sho' right about that! Only took me six days. Same time it took the Lord to make the world! All right, 'bye now!

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