Dracula A.D. 1972

Dracula A.D. 1972 quotes

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Count Dracula
Johnny Alucard
Main cast
Professor Van Helsing

My grandfather died fighting a vampire. The most terrible, most dangerous vampire of all time.

Marsha Hunt - Gaynor Keating

Christopher Neane - Johnny Alucard

Do old ideas rest comfortably in an open mind?

Look, just to show I'm sorry, I got two tickets for the Jazz spectacular at the Albert Hall.

Michael Coles - Inspector Murray

Dig the music, kids. Let it flow into you. Give yourself up to it.

[writing Johnny Alucard's name backwards] A disciple of Dracula. Oh my God!

Jessica, don't go near him! In God's name, don't touch him!

Christopher Lee - Count Dracula

Caroline Munro - Laura Bellows

Peter Cushing - Lorrimer Van Helsing

Stephanie Beacham - Jessica Van Helsing