Dracula A.D. 1972

Dracula A.D. 1972 quotes

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Count Dracula
Johnny Alucard
Main cast
Professor Van Helsing

Jessica Van Helsing: I wish someone would tell me what all this is about.
Professor Van Helsing: Murder, Jessica. That's what all this is about. Ghastly, horrible, obscene murder!

Joe Mitcham: Don't look now, but Charley baby's gonna call the fuzz.
Anna Bryant: Oh, wow!

Joe Mitcham: Is there anybody down there wishing to talk to anyone up here? Ooh, it's for you, Sapphire!
Gaynor Keating: That gig went out with miniskirts, you schlep.

Professor Van Helsing: Treatise on the Black Mass. What do you want with this?
Jessica Van Helsing: Oh, just a quiet bit of mind blowing.
Professor Van Helsing: Jessica, this is not a subject to mess around with. These are scientific works.
Jessica Van Helsing: You can buy that sort of stuff almost any shady bookshop in Soho. I think it's all kinky.
Professor Van Helsing: What's that?
Jessica Van Helsing: Weird, man. Way out. I mean, spooks, hobgoblins, black magic. All that jazz.

Jessica Van Helsing: Why don't we go in the front way?
Bob Tepper: That's full of geeks and newspaper men.

Inspector Murray: Van Helsing?
Detective Sergeant: Her grandfather is Professor Lorrimer Van Helsing, London University. He helped us once.
Inspector Murray: Oh, yes, that extortion mob. Money by blackmail. Something to do with witchcraft. Some cult or other.
Detective Sergeant: Yes, he's a specialist in that sort of thing.
Inspector Murray: Witchcraft. Occult. Churchyards. [plays with an executive toy]

Detective Sergeant: Any chance of a cup of coffee and a cheese roll, sir. I'm starving!
Inspector Murray: Don't know if they're serving coffee and cheese rolls at Joe's party, but I'll see what I can do for you. Let's get over there and find what they are doing... before it's all over.
Detective Sergeant: It's going to be a bit heavy going, sir, don't you think? Trying to interview a bunch of kids while there's a party going on?
Inspector Murray: Sergeant, I'll bet you a pound to a pince of shit... that there's a little piece of hash at that party... and if there is, I've got them. Means I can hold them. If I can hold them, I can talk to them, and I'll settle for that, for the moment.

Peter Cushing - Lorrimer Van Helsing

Stephanie Beacham - Jessica Van Helsing

Christopher Neane - Johnny Alucard

Michael Coles - Inspector Murray

Marsha Hunt - Gaynor Keating

Caroline Munro - Laura Bellows