Archie quotes

I am the Alpha Bear! Grrr! Grrr! Bears say "grrr," right?

(Singing) Her Name was Lola. She was a show bear. She'd like to dance with me.

Steve Irwin: I am here with Dr. Dolittle, who can actually talk with animals. We're here about to capture this alligator right behind us, The trick to capturing this guy is to put your arms around his neck...
Alligator: Hey Dolittle, What I'm doing is letting Steve think I don't hear him, when he comes for me, I'm gonna turn around and snap his arm off.
[Steve is still talking to camera]
John: Steve, I think he knows we're here.
Steve Irwin: Quiet, I don't wanna spoil the element of surprise...NOW!
[Snapping noise]
Steve Irwin: Crikey! Me arm!

Dr. John Dolittle: What are you drinking?
Monkey: It's Gatorade.
John: [sniffs water pouch] Gatorade made wine, now?

[During Archie's detention, as John and Charisse visit him.]
Archie: Looks like I wasn't meant to be loved.
Charisse: Everyone's meant to be loved.
John: Yes, everyone's meant to- [caught by surprise at Charisse's newfound ability] Charisse!

John: No cellphone for a week.
Charisse: But what am I supposed to do without my cellphone?
John: Here's some stamps. Learn to write a letter or something.

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