Phyllis: I hate him. I loathe going back to him. You believe me, don't you, Walter?
Walter: Sure I believe you. [They kiss]
Phyllis: I can't stand it anymore. What if they did hang me?
Walter: They're not going to hang you, baby.
Phyllis: It's better than going on this way.
Walter: They're not gonna hang you because you're gonna do it and I'm gonna help you.
Phyllis: Do you know what you're saying?
Walter: Sure I know what I'm saying. We're gonna do it and we're gonna do it right. And I'm the guy that knows how.
Walter: There's not going to be any slip up. Nothing sloppy, nothing weak, it's got to be perfect. [They kiss each other and then he leads her toward the door.] Call me tomorrow. But not from your house. From a booth. And watch your step every single minute. This has got to be perfect, do ya understand? Straight down the line.
Phyllis: Straight down the line.
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