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Actually, I don't really remember being born. It musta happened during one of my blackouts.

Y'all believe what you want to believe, you will anyway... but it does kinda show you what excites people? Fear, pity, horror -- all those good things that count. It's sorta I guess like being on the edge of an orgasm, y'know... that mystery just before you come. When? If? Should I? Will you die for me, eat me, this way, the end...

Maybe I should always **** my critics.

Hatred is very underestimated emotion.

I drink so I can talk to assholes. This includes me. Let's just say I was testing the bounds of reality -- that's-all -- I was curious... I kinda always preferred to be hated. Like Eric von Stroheim in the movies, the man you love to hate.

I go out on a stage and I howl for people. In me they see what they want to see -- some say the Lizard King, whatever that means, or some black-clad leather demon whatever that means... but really I think of myself as a sensitive, intelligent human being but with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most crucial moment... a fake hero... a joke the gods played on me... it's okay, I accept the joke... and smile. Death old friend, death and my ****, I can forgive my injuries in the name of wisdom, luxury, romance. Words got me the wound and will get me well. All join now in lament of my ****, a tongue of knowledge in the feathered night. Boys get crazy in the head and suffer. I sacrifice my **** on the altar of silence.

[to Pam] I'm the poet and you're my muse.

[to audience] You're all a buncha ****ing slaves!

Well uh, it's designed to wear you down y'know... when that rap sheet says the "United States of America versus You" it takes you down day by day, specially when no one really gives a shit about, y'know, the First Amendment that's on trial here... Nobody says anything about that, it's just uh did you take your pants off y'know, I mean that's not what it's about, it's about freedom, that's what it's about... but who cares, right? Freedom exists in a schoolbook.

Take your time, Jim... There's no hurry, I'm all you have to do tonight.

You're a poet, not a rock star.

I get scared thinking of all the choices inside. I could go. I could stay. I can live anywhere. I could die now if I wanted. It's limitless choice... and no one cares.

[to Jim] You said you love fame man, but you run from it every chance you get.

Ray Manzarek: [to Jim] Things are about to explode man. You can feel it in the air. Vietnam's right out there. Sides are being chosen. People wanna fight or ****, love or kill, everything's gonna flame. The planet's screaming for change, Morrison. Make the myths man!

Andy Warhol: [handing Jim a golden telephone] Edie gave this to me and said mmmmm, I could talk to God with this. But I don't really have anything to say. So... mmmm now you can talk to God.