Elizabeth Darko: Donnie, you're such a dick.
Donnie: Whoa, Elizabeth! A little hostile there. Maybe you should be the one in therapy. So Mom and Dad can pay someone $200 an hour to listen to all your thoughts, so we don't have to.
Elizabeth: OK, you want to tell Mom and Dad why you stopped taking your medication?
Donnie: You're such a ****ass!
Elizabeth: What?!
Rose Darko: Please.
Elizabeth: Did you just call me a “****ass”?
Rose: Elizabeth, that's enough.
Elizabeth: You can go suck a ****.
Donnie: Oh please tell me, Elizabeth, how exactly does one suck a ****?
Elizabeth: You want me to tell you?
Rose: We will not have THIS at the dinner table.
Donnie: Please, tell me... I'm all ears.
[everyone pauses]
Samantha: What's a ****ass?
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