Serendipity quotes

I'm a muse, stupid!

What traditionally defines a woman falls between two things: her legs. But as you can see, [raises skirt] I lack definition!

It doesn't really take a muse to inspire horny retards to empty their wallets.

The whole book's gender-biased. A woman's responsible for original sin. A woman cuts Samson's coif of power. A woman asks for the head of John the Baptist. Read that book again sometime. Women are painted as bigger antagonists than the Egyptians and Romans combined. [commenting on the Bible]

I have issues with anyone who treats God like a burden instead of a blessing, like some Catholics. You people don't celebrate your faith. You mourn it.

Your hearts are in the right place, but your brains gotta wake up!

So you were an artist. Big deal! Elvis was an artist, but that didn't stop him from joining the service in time of war. That's why he's "the King"... and you're a schmuck.

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