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[the camera shows a group of dejected-looking Russian soldiers in a trench, staring out across a snowy no-man's land during World War I as Yevgraf narrates] Yevgraf: "By the second winter of the war, the boots had worn out. . . but the line still held. Their great coats fell to pieces on their backs. Their rations were irregular. Half of them went into action without arms, led by men they didn't trust."
Officer: [leaps up on top of trench with a saber drawn] Come on, you bastards!
Yevgraf: "And those they did trust. . ."
Pasha: [jumps out of the trench waving his rifle] Come on, comrades! Come on!
[the Russian soldiers hesitantly follow Pasha as the German guns open fire] Pasha: Come on! Comrades! Earth-shakers! SHOW THEM!!! CHARGE!
[Pasha is hit by several artillery explosions; the rest of the Russian soldiers retreat back to their trench. Cut to Russian soldiers beginning to leave their trenches and desert.] Yevgraf: "At last, they did what all the armies dreamed of doing - they began to go home. That was the beginning of the Revolution."