Dirty Shame, A

Dirty Shame, A quotes

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Big Ethel
Multiple Characters
Ray Ray

Can't you see I'm cooking scrapple!

My pussy's on fire!


I'm just Sylvia Stickles, I'm a horny woman with a head injury.

Help me to keep my sexual sobriety!

A concussion is a terrible thing to waste.

I've got a hard-on of gold, and my tongue is on fire.

A man has needs, Sylvia! Marital needs!

We got blatant homosexuals shopping right in our store. They eat life you know. Sperm!

Did you see those new neighbours moving in? Grown men with hairy legs prancing around half-naked? "We're bears." What the hell is that supposed to


Filthy little hedges, growing all dirty! Makes me sick!

I read in the paper the other day that the average married couple has sex over 100 times a year! That's a lie, people would be raw if that was true!

I'm going to call the postmaster general — if he's not whacking off! — and report your potty mouth!

Decency Rally Attendant: Look, I'm not a prude, I'm married to an Italian.
Old Woman: I seen you, Sylvia Stickles. Showin your pewbic patch to the bus driver! You should move downtown where you belong, ya whore!
Cow Patty: [upon seeing Big Ethel] Wow, a tranny bear!
Doctor: Sylvia, you have what is known as a runaway vagina.
Paige: Admit to God you are a whore. Make a list of all the people you've ****ed, and apologize to their parents.
Dora: All this yelling's giving me a Swedish headache. You know what I mean? Horny! Nothing wrong with beating the beaver once in a while.
Caprice: Let my mother's pussy be!
Sex Addicts Group: HALT! Horny! Anal! Lustful! TITTIES!