Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels quotes

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Andre Thibault
Christine Colgate
Freddy Benson
Lawrence Jameson
Muriel Eubanks

[after everyone has been waiting for the Soap Queen to appear] Oh! That's me.

What do you want, Freddy!

I think it's time she met... ze prince.

Oh, your highness! (bows to Lawrence) I bring news... (pulls Muriel's hankerchief from out of his coat pocket) from a broad.

Christine: Shouldn't the army pay for your surgery?
Freddy: Well, yeah, but see, my problem's not really physical... it's psychological...

Freddy: (after Lawrence says he'll have Freddy kicked out and arrested:) You don't wanna do that.
Lawrence: And why not?
Freddy: Because I've got a big mouth. (Lawrence is silent) And we both know I can cause you a lot of trouble with what I know.

Andre: We'll miss you.
Muriel: Really?
Andre: Only if you leave.