Captain Carmine Lorenzo quotes

And I've got everybody from the Shriners convention to the goddamn Boyscouts traipsing through here. I've got lost kids, lost dogs. "Not now." I've got international diplomats. I've got a ****ing reindeer flying in here from the ****ing petting zoo. But, John McClane, he's got a little problem. Hell, let's shut down the whole ****ing airport. Now, what do you think they're gonna say upstairs when I'm gonna tell them that.

Hey, McClane, don't start believing in your own press. Yeah, yeah. I know all about you and that Nakatomi thing in LA. But just because the TV thinks you're hot shit, that don't make it so. Look, you are in my little pond now, and I am the big fish that runs it. So you capped some low life, fine.

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