Captain Spaulding quotes

[After sex] You're giving a good riding tonight.

Do I stutter, bitch?

[While hijacking a car with a boy inside] What's the matter kid, don't you like clowns? [Kid nods "no"] Why? Don't we make ya laugh, aren't we ****in' funny? You best come up with an answer because I'm gonna be checking up on you and your mama. And if you don't have a reason why you hate clowns, I'm gonna kill your whole ****in' family.

Hey, if you got a problem with my timeframe, son. You'd best spit it out right now.

Well come on make your move Whitey! Two hits: I hit you and your dick hits the ****in' dirt.

I could really go for some tooty ****in' fruity.

Well if you let me finish, I was about to call you goddamned pig ****ing, pussy piece of shit.

[Substituting marijuana for cocaine] Well, any port in a ****ing storm.

[Confronted by Wydell] If you're gonna start the killing, you'd best start it right here. Make sure I'm all the way dead, cause I will come back and make you my bitch [Wydell shoots him]

[While Wydell talks about his dead brother during torture] Yeah I remember him. Stupid **** just like you. All I had to do was point him in a direction and there he went. Officer Wy-****in'-dell to the rescue.

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