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Alice Lomax
John Milton
Kevin Lomax

[In Milton's Penthouse...]
Kevin Lomax: [quietly] Is there more to it?
Eddie Barzoon: Just this room.
Kevin Lomax: And a bedroom?
Eddie Barzoon: No bedroom.
Kevin Lomax: Where does he sleep?
Eddie Barzoon: Who said he sleeps?
Kevin Lomax: Where does he ****?
John Milton: [coming up to them] Everywhere.

John Milton: Are we negotiating?
Kevin Lomax: Always.
John Milton: YEAH!!!!!

John Milton: It's your wife, man. She's sick, she needs you; she's got to come first. Ah, wait a minute, wait a minute. You mean the possibility of leaving this case has never even entered you mind?
Kevin Lomax: You know what scares me? I quit the case, she gets better.... and I hate her for it. I don't want to resent her, John, I've got a winner here. I've got to nail this ****er down, do it fast, and put it behind me. Just get it done. Then- Then- put all my energy into her.
John Milton: I stand corrected.

John Milton: [Chanting in Latin] Diaboli virtus in lumbas est. Diaboli virtus in lumbas est. [continues the chant in English] The virtue of the devil is in his loins.

Kevin Lomax: In the Bible you lose. We're destined to lose, Dad.
John Milton: Well consider the source, son.

John Milton: What about you? Your family, you gotta miss 'em.
[Mary Ann shakes her head no.]
John Milton: No?
Mary Ann Lomax: I told Kevin the only thing worse than not having a father was having mine.
John Milton: I can relate. I can, believe me.

Mary Ann Lomax: Say I can handle it.
Kevin Lomax: You can handle it.
Mary Ann Lomax: Say something nice.
Kevin Lomax: Something nice.

Kevin Lomax: Why the law? Cut the shit, Dad! Why the lawyers? Why the law?
John Milton: Because the law, my boy, puts us into everything. It's the ultimate backstage pass. It's the new priesthood, baby. Did you know there are more students in law school than lawyers walking the Earth?