Miranda: Emily.... Emily?
Nigel: [To Andy] She means you.
Miranda: But that's not what I asked you, I couldn't have been clearer- There you are Emily, how many times do I have to scream your name?
Andrea: Actually, it's Andy. [pause] My name is Andy... Andrea, but everyone calls me Andy.
Miranda: [Gives out a small laugh] I need ten or fifteen skirts from Calvin Klein.
Andrea: What kind of skirts do you-
Miranda: Please bore someone else with your questions. And make sure we have Pier 59 at 8am tomorrow, and remind Jocelyn I need to see a few of those satchels that Mark is doing in the pony, and then tell Simone I'll take Jackie if Maggie isn't available. Did Demarchelier confirm?
Andrea: D-D-Demarchelier?
Miranda: Demarchelier. Get him on the phone.
Andrea: O-Ok.
Miranda: And Emily...?
Andrea: Yes?
Miranda: [Looks down at Andy's shoes] That's all.
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