[Colin confronts Billy on the rooftop]
Costigan: Freeze!
[points gun at Colin]
Sullivan: Hey! Hey! Hey!
Costigan: Put your ****ing hands up!
Sullivan: Put the ****ing gun down! Put the gun--put the gun down, alright? I came here to talk some sense into you!
Costigan: Hands!
Sullivan: Alright! Just act professional. I can get you your money!
Costigan: What'd you say?
Sullivan: I can get you your money!
[Billy pistol whips Colin, knocking him to the ground]
Costigan: You didn't come here to talk, alright. You came here to get arrested!
Sullivan: You got ****ing tapes of what? Costello was 'my' informant. I was a rat? **** you! Prove it! He was working for me, he was 'my' informant.
Costigan: Shut your ****ing mouth. Come on, get up!
Sullivan: Whoa, what is this? A citizens arrest? Blow me! Alright. Only one of us is a cop here, Bill! You understand that, Bill! No one knows who you ****ing are!
Costigan: Would you shut the **** up?!
Sullivan: I'm a Sergeant in the Massachusetts State Police! Who the **** are you? I erased you!
[Billy slams Colin onto the building]
Costigan: You erased me, huh?
[Points his gun to Colin's head]
Sullivan: Yeah, go ahead! Shoot a cop, Einstein! Watch what happens!
Costigan: What would happen is this bullet would go right through your ****ing head!!
Sullivan: Watch what happens!
Costigan: What, so you can get the parade, huh? The bagpipes and bullshit. **** you, **** you! I'm ****ing arresting you!!
Sullivan: That is the stupidest thing you could do!
[Billy punches him three times]
Costigan: Shut the **** up!!!
[Sullivan falls to the ground]
Costigan: I could give a **** if the charges don't stick, I'm still ****ing arresting you.
Sullivan: [Dazed] Shit.
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