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The Deer Hunter

The Deer Hunter quotes

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Julien Grinda
Michael Vronsky
Multiple Characters

You wanna play games, I'll play your ****ing games.

When a man says no to champagne, he says no to life.

What is there to be afraid of in this war? The war is a joke, a silly thing...I pay my players - cash - American. However, should you prefer German marks or perhaps Swiss francs, that of course can be arranged.

Those are sun dogs...It means a blessing on the hunter sent by the Great Wolf to his children...It's an old Indian thing.

Stan: How does it feel to be shot?
Michael: Don't, don't hurt. That's what you want to know. And how's it been, doing OK?
Stan: Yeah, same old thing, you know. Nothin's changed. I'm gettin' more ass than a toilet seat and Axel here, he's gettin' better than ever.
Axel: Hey Stan, why don't you show him that gun - that little pussy thing you carry around in the back there. Look at that...
Michael: What's that for?
Stan: The same thing the other one was for.
Michael: And what was that?

If you are really brave and lucky, I can make you very, very rich.

Here's to Nick.

Steven: [holding up cash] This comes every month from Saigon. I don't understand...That place is gonna fall any day now.
Michael: It's Nicky, Steve.
Steven: Where is a guy like Nick gettin' money like this?

[to Linda] I just wanted to say how sorry I am about Nick. And how, I know how much you loved him and I know that it will never be the same. I just wanted to tell you that.

Nick: Will you marry me?
Linda: Yeah.
Nick: You would? [She nods] What I mean is, when we get back from...when we get back. I don't know what the hell I mean.
Linda: What goes through your mind comes out your mouth.