Dawson: There's Shavonne. I think she might still be mad at me. Watch me get something going here.
[The girls drive up]
Dawson: Hey, what's going on?
Shavonne: Hey, not much. How about you?
Dawson: Oh, a little weed, you know. There may be a beer bust later on.
Shavonne: Oh really? Cool, so I guess we'll see ya there?
Slater: All right, check ya later!
[The girls leave]
Dawson: Slate man, why are you always such a dork man?
Slater: What are you talking about man?
Dawson: [derisively] "Check ya later! Check ya later!" [laughs]
Slater: Hey man, get off my case!
Dawson: Chicks don't wanna hear that shit, man!
Slater: The chicks in our grade don't wanna hear nothin', man! The g-, the girls in our grade are all prudes, man! They're worthless little bitches! The ones who came before us, man, they were wild, man!
Dawson: Yeah, sounds to me like you just haven't gotten past the sniffin' butt stage, man, that's what that sounds like.
Slater: Hey, it's quality, not quantity, man...It's like when I get to college, man, I can't wait to get to college!
Dawson: Yeah, when I get to college, all I'm gonna do is, bang bang bangbangbangbang..
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