Benny O'Donnell quotes

[on public address system, to junior high students] Okay, all you freshman ****s, listen up! Normally you'd be spending your freshman summer getting your asses busted, and running for your worthless little lives. But today, since we feel so sorry for you, we're gonna make it easy on ya. If you meet us, right here, after school you'll only get one "lick" from each of us. But if you run like cowards, well, it's open season, all summer long, boys. Oh, and Mitch Kramer. Mitchy-Mitchy-Mitchy...We're gonna be lookin' for you, pal. Your ass is gonna be purple by the time this day's over. Have a nice afternoon. [kisses CB mic]

[To Mitch Kramer, who's pitching in a baseball game] Hope you've got more than a jock strap on under there, ya little rat!

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