Frank: You want...every...single second. (about life as he dies of the infection.)
Bart: CJ, wait up, wait!" (as he is chased down by a zombie hord.)
Andre: You wanna kill Luda? You wanna kill my family? (to Norma before she sparks a gunfight.)
Norma: Son of a bitch shot me! (to Ana after Andre shoots her.)
Andy:(on radio) Hey does this dog got a name? (to camera) I'm not gonna tell 'em how bad it is. I won't worry 'em. It's, it's gonna be okay. I think I'm just gonna rest here a minute.(after being bitten severely, becomes zombie shortly after lying down.)
Tucker: Shoot me! Shoot me!(to CJ while he is devoured by zombies.)
Monica: You've got to drive faster, man.(to Kenneth before being hacked to death by Glen.)
Glen: I've got 'em.(about a zombie before accidently killing Monica and crashing the bus.)
Steve: [before being pounced on by a zombie] What the ****?
CJ: (before killing himself and the zombies grabbing him by blowing up the bus he is in.) ****ing figures.
Michael: Yeah I think I'll just stay here awhile. Enjoy the sunrise.(to Kenneth before they leave him and he shoots himself in the head due to him being infected.)
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