The Captain: [throwing his sou'wester down] God DAMNIT how can this happen?! 12 boats we have on the Atlantic! From Greenland to the Azores, a mere dozen! But still we, we almost collide with one of our own! Somethings wrong here...(turning to navigator) Checked on our position?
Navigator Kriechbaum: ...more or less Capt-
The Captain: More or less?! More or less?! Thats not GOOD ENOUGH!
Navigator Kriechbaum: Not one sunspot in two weeks. Difficult to calculate.
The Captain: Yeah yeah..We make a few errors in our own position - the others do the same, and we end up playing collision games! Leaving the route wide open! [to Werner] I hope you're taking notes. Maybe clue HQ into what's happening.
Werner: Surely you have better connections than me.
The Captain: You think so, huh?
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