Franklin Nelson: Oh-oh-oh! Look at that! Wilson Fisk is in the hizzie! Come on, we might never get a chance like this again. Come on, let's go! (to Fisk) Mister Fisk? Mister Fisk, it's Franklin Nelson from Nelson and Murdock --
Wesley: Excuse me. You want to talk to Mister Fisk, you make an appointment. Okay?
Wilson Fisk: It's all right, Wesley. (to Nelson) I know who you are. You're the blind lawyers from Hell's Kitchen.
Franklin: Actually, actually he's the blind one. I'm deaf.
Fisk: (chuckles) Give them a card, Wesley. I'm always on the lookout for new blood.
Matt Murdock: I'm sorry, Mister Fisk, my partner's a little overzealous. We can't represent you.
Fisk: Why's that?
Franklin: Yes, why is that, Mister Murdock?
Matt: Because we only handle clients who are innocent.
Fisk: (chuckles) "Innocent", he says. That's pretty funny. You know, I've learned one thing in all my years in this business.
Matt: What's that?
Fisk: Nobody's innocent. Nobody. Have a great time at the party. (Fisk and Wesley exit.)
Franklin: I just... Matt, for one night I just wish, I just... (he spots Elektra, in an evening gown, on the balcony.) Matt, I just wish I could give you my eyes for one night.
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