Matt Murdock: Uh, I was just looking for some honey. Could you help me out?
Elektra (without looking up): Right in front of you.
Matt: Well... could you be a little more specific?
Elektra: What, are you --
Matt: Blind? Yeah.
Elektra: Oh, I am so sorry!
Matt: It's okay. (extends a hand) Matt Murdock.
'Elektra: (shakes hands) Nice to meet you, Matt Murdock.
Matt: Nice to meet you, uh... I didn't get your name.
Elektra: I didn't give it. (she exits the coffee shop.)
(Matt follows Elektra, tracking her by scent to a park.)
Elektra: What do you want?
Matt: I just wanted to get your name. I didn't want any trouble.
Elektra: Look -- I don't like being followed. So don't. (She turns to storm off.)
Matt: Uh, wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a second, take it easy! (He catches Elektra's hand.)
Elektra: And I don't like being touched! (She throws a punch; Matt counters and pins her arms.)
Matt: What don't you tell me what you do like, and we'll start there. Okay?
(Elektra throws more punches and kicks, which Matt dodges. The two separate, remove their jackets, and strike martial arts poses.)
Elektra: You sure you're blind?
Matt: Sure you don't wanna tell me your name?
(Later, during a pause in the fighting.)
Matt Murdock: Does every guy have to go through all this just to find out your name?
Elektra: Try asking for my number.
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