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My parents are these people, I live with them…I'm boring.

I'm just a guy. I work in an office building, doing office building stuff.

I don't wanna die, I'm just being realistic. You think they'd go to all the trouble to build this thing if we could just walk out?

Do you think we matter? We don't.

I mean, this is an accident, a forgotten, perpetual public works project. Do you think anybody wants to ask questions? All they want is a clear conscience and a fat paycheck.

I mean, nobody wants to see the big picture. Life's too complicated.

Just out of curiosity—I mean, don't hit me again, I think—but what are you going to do when you get there?

Let's rule out aliens for now and concentrate on what we know.

You can't see the big picture from in here, so don't try. Keep your head down, keep it simple. Just look at what's in front of you.

Leaven…you beautiful brain.

What do you think the establishment is? It's just guys like me. Their desks are bigger but their jobs aren't. They don't conspire, they buy boats.

Every day I mop up after your bleeding heart. The only reason you even exist is because I keep you!

I know your type. No kids, no man to **** you. So you go around outraged, sticking your nose up other people's assholes, sniffing their business!

I looked through the walls. I dreamed him, at his desk, designing everything. He can't let you solve the puzzle, see, because there is a purpose.

I'm not dying in a ****ing rat maze!